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Monthly Mindfulness Memo | October Issue
Posted 10/13/21

Monthly Mindfulness Memo | October IssueSocial-emotional supports encompass a variety of tools to support overall well-being and mental health.  Huntington Beach City School District’s (HBCSD) commitment and focus are to provide access to purposeful resources and supports that encourage positive emotional and physical health for our students, staff, and parents.

Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, our Student Services Department will disseminate a Monthly Mindfulness Memo that will include mindfulness tips, social and emotional resources, and wellness events.  The goal of our Monthly Mindfulness Memos is to share practical tools that everyone can use to improve their mental health and wellness and increase resiliency. Especially during times of change and uncertainty, it is important to incorporate self-care into your schedule. 

This month’s Monthly Mindfulness Memo centers around the theme of optimism.  Having an optimistic attitude helps us to be more content, more successful, and healthier.  Optimism can protect us against depression -- even for people who are at risk for it.  An optimistic outlook makes people more resistant to stress.  We hope you find this month’s resources and wellness events helpful in supporting you on your self-care journey.

To learn more about HBCSD programs and resources visit our Mental Health Resources website.