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HBCSD Schools Receive State Accolade
Posted 5/6/22

Pivotal Practice Award Recipients LogosSix Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD) campuses were named California Pivotal Practice Award Program (CAPP) winners for their innovative educational programs and practices for the 2020-21 school year.

CAPP was unveiled this year in place of the California Distinguished Schools Program which typically honors high-performing campuses.

Schools selected for this award were recognized for the design and implementation of unique learning opportunities and strategies during and after distance learning.

Due to the pandemic, the California Department of Education did not require schools to submit assessment data in order to be considered. Instead, the submitted narratives highlighted innovative practices in at least one of four target areas — student engagement, technology distribution, nutrition services, and social-emotional well-being — that were implemented during distance learning.

Dwyer Middle School, Eader, Hawes, Moffett, Seacliff, and Smith Elementary Schools are six of the 727 school award recipients statewide.

“This recognition is a testament to the dedication of our schools’ unwavering commitment to academic achievement and student well-being, especially during an exceptionally difficult time,” said Superintendent Dr. Leisa Winston. “We are very proud of the practices all of our schools implemented to ensure that students were engaged and supported,” she said.

Eader Elementary School

In a concerted effort to ensure music programs continued to be available for all students throughout distance learning, Eader offered virtual vocal and keyboarding sessions that were tied to the social studies curriculum. The virtual music program benefits combined with the strong student engagement proved to be a success in building community and fostering social-emotional wellness. As students have returned to full-time in-person instruction, Eader music continues to thrive and live performances have resumed!

Hawes Elementary School

Hawes made great achievements in the shift from Distance Learning to Hybrid Learning by implementing a team approach equipping each family with the essential technologies and resources, and support to enhance the learning and social-emotional wellness of all of our students. Staff also fostered new ways to connect with families by transitioning traditional activities, events, and experiences to a virtual format. Such as fostering creativity and positivity by hosting virtual show-and-tells, dress-up days, kindness challenges, and even virtual field trips. Hawes continues to provide opportunities and experiences to strengthen the community and is pleased to have reinstated the mentor program, school-wide assemblies, volunteer opportunities, and more!

Moffett Elementary School

Moffett successfully transitioned weekly and monthly assemblies to a digital platform, allowing them to continue to honor students with monthly awards and participate in community-building activities such as sing-alongs and encouragement campaigns. Online engagement continues to support and build a positive school climate and has become an essential means of communication and motivational tool for Moffett students and families.

Seacliff Elementary School

Seacliff instituted the SEAKers Club (Students Engaging in Acts of Kindness) prior to the pandemic. Through the various learning formats, the focus was maintained on supporting students' social-emotional needs by continuing the SEAKers Club in a virtual format as well as acknowledging efforts with recognition. The virtual award ceremonies were managed by the student council and provided an opportunity to prioritize highlighting student achievements and resilience throughout the pandemic. Seacliff students continue to foster kindness on campus and strengthen their strong learning environment to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Smith Elementary School

Smith Elementary made great strides to stay connected with students and families throughout the pandemic to promote student engagement. They implemented comprehensive student support, a support program aimed to provide the necessary services to students, especially those struggling, in order to ensure student success. Additionally, they hosted virtual recognition events, acknowledging student achievement and participation; transitioned their vocal music program to a virtual setting; celebrated the promoting class, and more. As students returned to full-time in-person instruction this school year, Smith has continued to provide comprehensive student support to bolster students’ confidence and allow them to reach their highest potential.

Dwyer Middle School

Dwyer Middle School is recognized for its GRIT in the Community, a program focused on promoting positive behavior and building the values of Gratitude, Responsibility, Integrity, and Tenacity (GRIT). In a typical year, students can redeem their GRITcoin (the program’s digital currency)  in various ways on campus. Due to pandemic guidelines, a new format needed to be implemented. Dwyer teachers and leadership prioritized the recognition of student achievements and resilience throughout Distance and Hybrid Learning and worked to transition the program to a year-round virtual setting through partnerships with the community and local businesses. Students are now able to redeem their GRITcoin at local businesses, providing them an opportunity to display GRIT’s core values in a real-world setting.