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Board Meeting Bulletin | May 7, 2024

Posted Date: 5/06/24 (2:00 PM)

Board Meeting Bulletin  |  May 7, 2024  

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May 7, 2024 | 6:00 PM

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Below are some agenda items that may be of specific interest:

Public Employee Appointment

The Board of Trustees will consider the appointment of an Elementary School Principal and Middle School Principal.

Facilities Use Fees Presentation

The school district operates under the Civic Center Act, which governs the use of school facilities to ensure public access. This act mandates that school districts may lease their facilities at rates not exceeding the direct costs to nonprofit organizations serving youth, as well as to for-profit and other community groups. The intent is for public entities to recuperate operational costs through facility usage fees. Since November 16, 2021, the district has partnered with Facilitron for web-based facility management software. District facility usage rates have remained unchanged for almost 13 years. Recently, Facilitron worked with district staff to analyze fees to align them with neighboring districts and municipal facilities to cover operational costs. Facilitron staff will present the findings of this fee analysis.  There will be no Board action on this item.

Technology Replacement Cycle

The district is actively procuring technology as part of its ongoing replacement cycle. Through Minnesota NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement No. 23026, also approved for use in California, the district has pursued an agreement with Dell Marketing L.P. This agreement provides a range of computer equipment at fair, competitive prices deemed suitable for the district's needs. The fiscal impact estimates annual expenditures of $50,000, with flexibility depending on district requirements and funding availability.

Additionally, the district is implementing Apple computer technology to align with its strategic educational goals. With the conclusion of previous technology investments through Measure Q funding, there's a need for a sustainable plan. Challenges include inconsistent display technology (space-board vs interactive flat panels), replacement cost, repair, connectivity, and reliability, which are addressed by transitioning from aging Chromebooks concluding their life cycle to Apple iPads. 

The tentative timeline for Apple iPad implementation under the Technology Replacement Cycle is: Seacliff and Smith (2024-2025), Eader and Peterson (2025-2026), Hawes and Sowers (2026-2027), Moffett and Dwyer (2027-2028). Staff will be provided professional development and technical support through a combination of Apple trainers, district TOSAs, and Technology Services staff. Apple Computer technology for students and teachers at Seacliff and Smith (2024-2025) will be funded from the Arts & Music block grant (AMIM), with future replacement cycles to be considered for financing options. Purchases at schools will be incorporated into the district's technology replacement cycle and budgeted accordingly.