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Textbook Adoptions

History-Social Studies Textbook Adoption

We have partnered with the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) to offer a professional development series to engage our dedicated staff and educators in the History-Social Studies Textbook Adoption process. The new textbooks will align with the History/Social Science Framework, updated in 2016. To address this, we are embarking on a comprehensive curriculum adoption process. The piloted materials are anticipated to be publicly available in Spring 2024.

Informational Meetings

The meetings reviewed the changes in the History/Social Science Framework, an overview of the textbook selection process, the timeline, piloted textbook publishers, and a Q&A session.

Piloted Textbook Publishers and Timelines

We are pleased to announce that our district textbook adoption committee has selected two publishers for the elementary and middle school levels to pilot. The textbooks from these publishers are listed below.

Elementary: Teacher Curriculum Institute (TCI): April 8 - May 24, 2024

To Access TCI materials, You must set up a (student) account to view the TCI materials. Follow these directions to access the materials.

  • Visit TCI Website
  • Click ‘create account’
  • Complete the Student Account
    • Teacher email: enter this teacher email
    • Last name: enter your last name
    • First name: enter your first name
    • Username: enter a username you selected
    • Password: enter a password you selected
  • Select the grade (Class) level you want to access
    • Kindergarten - Social Studies Alive! Me and My World
    • Grade 1 - Social Studies Alive! My School and Family
    • Grade 2 - Social Studies Alive! My Community
    • Grade 3 - Social Studies Alive! California's Communities
    • Grade 4 - Social Studies Alive! California’s Promise
    • Grade 5 - Social Studies Alive! America's Past
  • To switch to another Grade Level 
    • Click on my ‘Classes’ at the top left of the page 
    • Click ‘Add Class’
    • Enter this teacher's email again:
    • Select the additional grade levels you would like to review from the dropdown menu
    • Click “Choose Class”

Middle School: National Geographic: April 8 - May 24, 2024

National Geographic: April 8 - May 24, 2024
National Geographic Website
Password: Welcome1

The public hearing for adopting the History-Social Studies textbook is scheduled for the June Board meeting on June 11, 2024. For any questions, please email HBCSD Educational Services at