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Board Meeting Bulletin | September 12, 2023

Posted Date: 9/11/23 (6:30 PM)

Board Meeting Bulletin  |  September 12, 2023  

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September 12, 2023 | 6:00 PM

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Below are some agenda items that may be of specific interest:

Peterson Field Lighting Project Approval

During the sale of Gisler Middle School, the Developer agreed to provide $500,000 to the city of Huntington Beach to improve green space in the community, emphasizing lighting HBCSD fields. These funds have been used to repair the existing pole lights at Dwyer Middle School and for a preliminary study installing lights at the Peterson campus. After conducting the preliminary study, it was concluded that lighting to the Peterson Elementary School campus is the most suitable choice within the remaining budget. It is recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the proposed lighting project at the Peterson Elementary School field and authorize staff to move forward.

Resolution 08-23/24 Recognition Of October 2023 As Dyslexia Awareness Month
October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, and our District is committed to continuing fostering awareness and strengthening our efforts in shedding light on this topic to identify, treat, and prevent problems associated with dyslexia to ensure success for every student with dyslexia. Since 2016, the HBCSD Board of Trustees has approved a resolution recognizing Dyslexia Awareness Month. Approval is recommended to adopt Resolution No. 08-23/24, Recognition of October 2023 as Dyslexia Awareness Month.

Orange County Department Of Education (OCDE) Professional Development: History/Social Science Adoption Process
The current History/Social Studies instructional materials were last adopted in 2007. Purchasing instructional materials from the 2007 History/Social Studies adoption has become increasingly difficult for the last three years. Huntington Beach City School District is contracting with the OCDE to assist in the professional development and adoption process of History/Social Science instructional materials, which follows our Board Policies and Administrative Regulations. This contract allows a process to engage teachers and staff in understanding the shifts in the History/Social Science Framework, analyze the components of aligned instructional materials, calibrate the use of an evaluation tool for the pilot process, use the evaluation tool to analyze publisher materials, and pilot instructional materials to be considered for adoption. We will begin engaging in the curriculum adoption process outlined in the Board Policy. The process will include outreach to the community and public display of recommended materials. Approval is requested for the contract between the OCDE and HBCSD to support the professional development and adoption of History/Social Science instructional materials.

2022-2023 Unaudited Actuals
Staff will present a brief overview of the 2022-23 Unaudited Actuals. These figures represent the final financial outcomes, including revenues and expenditures, following the completion of fiscal year-end closing activities. There are no updates to the 2023-24 Budget Document from the June 20, 2023 adoption. The 2023-24 First Interim Report will reflect any revisions to the 2023-24 revenues and expenditures. Approval is recommended for the 2022-2023 Unaudited Actuals Report.

Resolution No. 07-23/24 Authorizing Agreement With Gold Coast Fence To Install Fencing At Hawes, Moffett And Seacliff Elementary Schools Pursuant To Public Contract Code Section 22034 (D)
District staff engaged in a bidding process for the work associated with fencing around Hawes, Moffett, and Seacliff elementary schools. This work is focused on replacing the six-foot fencing around the kindergarten areas with eight-foot anti-climb fencing. District staff recommends that the Board approve Resolution 07-23/24 authorizing an agreement with Gold Coast Fence to install fencing.