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The Marvelous Mentors: Unleashing Creativity and Friendship at Hawes Elementary

Posted Date: 2/07/24 (7:00 PM)

Nestled within the heart of Hawes Elementary, a vibrant program unfolds each Tuesday, seamlessly merging the inquisitive minds of Mrs. Zeutzius' 2nd-grade class and Mrs. DeStefano's 5th-grade class. Aptly named "The Marvelous Mentors," this lively collaboration transcends the boundaries of a traditional buddy program, sparking creativity, laughter, and a unique bond that defies grade levels.

The brainchild of Mrs. Zeutzius and Mrs. DeStefano–born over two decades ago–the Marvelous Mentors program was brought to life to foster a connection between older and younger students, providing a platform for shared experiences and learning. 

One of the hallmarks of The Marvelous Mentors is their commitment to thinking outside the box. Instead of sticking to the routine of reading sessions, the classes engage in various activities designed to stimulate both the 2nd and 5th graders' minds. 

The weekly sessions are divided into two groups, each teacher taking charge of one cohort. This unique structure allows for focused attention and tailored activities catering to both age groups' needs and interests. The result is a harmonious blend of mentorship and collaboration that transcends the traditional student-teacher dynamic.

Activities vary throughout the year and span a variety of subjects. Last month, the weekly sessions spanned from deciphering the correct endings to popular proverbs by injecting a healthy dose of humor into the learning process, a mystery candle art project, and even 

tackling mathematical challenges, turning what can be a daunting subject into an engaging and enjoyable experience. It's a testament to The Marvelous Mentors' commitment to making learning fun and accessible.

Through this innovative program, students are absorbing lessons, cultivating connections, fostering creativity, and crafting memories destined to endure a lifetime. The Marvelous Mentors at Hawes Elementary are not just educators—they are architects of an educational experience beyond textbooks, creating a vibrant tapestry of knowledge, camaraderie, and lasting friendships.