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Unlock Your Child's Potential: Join Our Parent Education Series

Posted Date: 2/08/24 (2:00 PM)

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Parent Education Series, featuring a comprehensive four-workshop program designed to empower you in supporting your child's academic journey. Each week covers an important topic, providing valuable insights and hands-on training.

Topics Include:

  • How to Support My Child’s Education at Home

  • How to Set Up My Child for Academic Success

  • How to Help My Child Be College/Career-Ready

  • How to Understand and Navigate School Structures

Explore the attached flyer for detailed information on each session. This series is tailored to meet your needs, allowing you to choose the sessions that resonate most with you. Join us as we navigate the K-12th grade education and college systems together.

Please register for the sessions you'd like to attend by visiting the LEA Registration Form link. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock your child's potential through our Parent Education Series. We look forward to your active participation!

[Thursday, Feb 15 at 8:28 AM]
Register today! Our four-workshop Parent Education Series empowers you to support your child's academic journey. Each session covers essential topics like supporting education at home, academic success, college readiness, and understanding school structures.

Explore the session details and register by visiting the LEA Registration Form link in the message below.