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Cultivating Connections: The Preschool Buddy Bench

Posted Date: 3/15/24 (6:30 PM)

Nestled within the Preschool Academy in Huntington Beach City School District lies a simple yet profound addition to the playground—a Buddy Bench. This bench, crafted through the collaborative efforts of Early Childhood Instructional Assistant Sheldon Stires and Girl Scout Troop 7366, embodies the values of community, inclusivity, and joy.

Currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Studies, Sheldon seized the opportunity to merge his academic aspirations with his professional role. Viewing his capstone class project as a chance to address a program need, Sheldon embarked on the journey of creating the Buddy Bench—a tranquil space in the outdoor play area. Inspired by his students' well-being and fueled by his commitment to their growth, Sheldon envisioned a haven where children could find solace and support amidst the excitement of playtime.


Teaming up with the local Girl Scout troop, comprised of Seacliff Elementary students, Sheldon and the preschool staff brought their vision to life. Together, they adorned the Buddy Bench with vibrant colors, infusing it with the spirit of connection and kindness.

In a heartwarming celebration, the Buddy Bench was unveiled, marking a significant milestone for both the preschool program and the Girl Scout troop. Their collaborative efforts earned them a bronze award, a testament to their dedication to community service.

Thanks to the support of the community, the preschool program, where learning and play happen, is a place where connections grow and hearts find comfort.