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Huntington Beach City School District 2024 Retirement Reception: Celebrating Over 950 Years of Dedication

Posted Date: 6/11/24 (1:21 PM)


The Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD) recently hosted its 2024 Retirement Reception to honor 41 esteemed retirees. With a combined service spanning more than 950 years, these dedicated individuals have left an indelible mark on the district and its community. The theme for this year's celebration, "Lights, Camera, Retirement," added a touch of Hollywood glamor to the joyous occasion.

“I know you have tirelessly provided service to our students and the community,” said Board President Ms. Diana Marks in her opening remarks. “Now you can see what’s out there, and speaking from experience, it’s pretty awesome. I want you to go out and enjoy that life. You have earned it!” she exclaimed.

The event was a beautiful blend of nostalgia and celebration. Former employees, families, and loved ones gathered to pay heartwarming tribute to the retirees' remarkable careers. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of camaraderie and appreciation as attendees reconnected, shared stories, and reflected on the years gone by.

Throughout the reception, there were many touching and memorable moments. Happy tears were shed as Superintendent Dr. Leisa Winston shared heartfelt speeches, reminiscing about the good times and expressing gratitude for the retirees' contributions. Retirees were honored individually, with personalized tributes highlighting their unique journeys and impact on the district.


“Each of you has played a starring role in the lives of countless students, colleagues, and families, and today, we shine the spotlight on you.” expressed Dr. Winston. “Your contributions have been nothing short of award-winning, and we are here to applaud your remarkable careers,” she added.

In addition to the presentations, attendees mingled and caught up with one another. Laughter and chatter filled the room as friends reconnected and new connections were formed.  One of the evening's most special moments unfolded with the sharing of the retirees’ plans and visions for the future. Their plans brim with excitement, spanning from globe-trotting adventures to creating more memories with their families, indulging in passions, or dedicating themselves to volunteer endeavors. While they are saying 'see you later' to their professional lives, they eagerly look forward to the new chapters ahead.


The honored event was a farewell and a celebration of the legacy and the lasting impact these individuals have had on HBCSD and the community. Their dedication and hard work have shaped countless lives, and their presence will be missed.

Retirees left the reception with hearts full of joy, memories to cherish, and the knowledge that their contributions will be remembered for years. It was a fitting homage, worthy of accolades, to an extraordinary ensemble of individuals.

Certificated Retiring Staff (years of service)

Carolyn Beck (27)

Cathleen Butcher (31)

Cheri Carpenter (33)

Pauline Clenney (19)

Antoinette Crump (16)

Kenneth De Marco (24)

Samina Faridani (11)

Tamara Jean (35)

Mary Kettler (33)

Judith Knapp (24)

Stacey Leung (28)

Carole Mullins (19)

Monica Nash (36)

Carol Pellet (19)

Ellen Postiff (28)

Terry Slutsky (26)

Stacy Snow (17)

Stacy Wood (29)

Classified Retiring Staff (years of service)

Nelda Alvarez (8)

Julia Banagas (33)

Deborah Bartlett (17)

Michael Beckett (28) 

Kim Blake (31)

Wenceslado Facundo (32)

Sandra Hernandez (22)

Michael Judge (38)

Patricia Ketcham (27)

Mary Mcafee (23)

Jolene Miller (18)

Memi Prager (12)

Angela Robertson (8) 

Ricardo Rosales (28)

Donna Schwab (17)

Laura Sibley (8)

Linda Stame (16) 

Sandy Strom (16)

Laurel Tilden (15)

Yen Tonnu (33)

Susanne Wagner (6) 

Charlene Wall (23)

Bryan Whitfield (12)

2024 Retirement Reception Photo Album